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ALDERMAN Core Memory (2007)  
BASHE IBM's early Computers (1986)  
BAUER Origins and Foundations of Computing (2007, translation)  
Problem Solving with LEGO Robotics (2013)
500 page book written by Computarium member Claude Baumann, published by NTS (National Technology and Scienc Press). Click here for the back of the cover.
BERNARD ANALOGE RECHENTECHNIK (1968) Relatively complex book; examples using the Heathkit EC-1

Grace Hopper
and the invention of the information age (2012)

A biography of the (co-)inventor of the compiler and the COBOL programming langage, from THE MIT PRESS.
Grace Hopper
BITMAPS BOOK Commodore 64:
a visual compendium
A 476 pages colorful compendium on the games of the C64. Donated by our member Ronny Heinz, member of this kickstart project.
BITMAPS BOOK #3 Sinclair ZX Spectrum
a visual compendium
A huge colorful compendium on the games of the ZX Spectrum. This book started as a Kickstart project, and our member Ronny Heinz participated and donated the book to the Computarium library.
BISCHOFF Versuch einer Geschichte der Rechenmaschinen (1804, reprint)  
BLETCHLEY PARK Guidebook (2013)

Bletchley Park housed the British codebreakers during WW2.
It is here that A. Turing broke the Enigma code using the BOMBE and that the Lorenz cyphers were cracked with the COLOSSUS.
Purchased at the Bletchley Park Museum
BLUM Introduction to Analog Computation (1969) With examples for the EAI TR-20. Book goes up to Laplace transforms.
BLYTH The Information Age A book from the Science Museum, London, donated by Claude Baumann.
Tells the story of six networks that changed the world (cable, broadcast, exchange, constellation, web, cell). Very good pictures. 224 pages.
BRUDERER Meilensteine der Rechentechnik
A big book from a former professor ("Dozent") of the ETHZ (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich). Many interesting details and time-tables (even if some repetition), and a very good history of Zuse's Z4 computer which was operational at the ETHZ.
A book from Peter Calvocoressi who worked during WWII as a cryptographer at Bletchley Park, helping cracking the Enigma and Lorenz ciphers. 2nd edition 2011, first edition 1980.
Purchased at the Bletchley Park Museum.
COPELAND COLOSSUS (2006) The Secrets of Bletchley Park's Codebreaking Computers.
A blockbuster by Jack Copeland and many other authors.
CURTA SERVICE HANDBUCH (1967) Reprint of the original service handbook for the Curta I 8x6x11
De BEAUCLAIR Rechnen mit Maschinen (1968, reprint)  
BRAUCH Programmierung mit Fortran (1974)  
DEC Introduction to Programming (1968)  
DELIUS Die Frau für die ich den Computer erfand (2009)  
DENIS-PAPIN Mathématiques Générales Tome 1 (1959) A formula collection
Third Edition (1969)
An "antique" book (first edition was 1959) with some nice chapters on machinery, including calculating machines of the 50-60's.
DODD Analogue Computers
From the Teach Yourself Books series (The English University Press)
DONOVAN Systems Programming (1972) International Student Edition
DYSON Turing's Cathedral (2012) Son of famous Princeton  physicist Freeman Dyson, George Dyson writes a bestseller on Alan Turing.
FINE Teaching Machines (1962)  
FINN Exposing Electronics
A Science Museum book with a large chapter by Hartmut Petzhold on analog solvers of systems of linear equations  (Wilhelm Cauer, C.L. Hull, Benjamin Wood. J.B. Wilbur).
FORSTER Spielkonsolen und Heimcomputer (2002)  
Une histoire de l'informatique
Livre photographique grand format (29cm * 29cm)
Don Carlo Mullesch.
FREYTAG Wilhelm Schickards Tübinger Rechenmaschine (2002)  
FUCHS KNAURS Buch der Denkmaschinen (1968) Informationstheorie und Kybernetik
Mit 328 meist farbigen Abbildungen
Manfred Pawlak Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Herrsching
GILLIES Der Bug (2010) An easy and funny story on retro computers fans.
GILLIES Extraleben (2010)  
GOLDSTINE A. ENIAC Technical Manual

A reprint of the first technical manual of the Eniac, written by Adele K. Goldstine (1920-1964), the wife of Herman Goldstine and published by the Ordnance Dept.,U.S. Army.
GOLDSTINE H. The Computer - from Pascal to von Neumann (1972)  
GOODMAN Troubleshooting Microprocessors and Digital Logic (1980)  
GRIES Compiler Construction for Digital Computers (1971) Text is printout from an IBM 360/65
GÜNTSCH Einführung in die Programmmierung digitaler Rechenautomaten (1963)

 Contains a chapter on machine code of the ZUSE Z22.
GUEST Exploring Timex Sinclair 1500/1000 Graphics
Donated by Carlo Mullesch.
HALLY Electronic Brains
HARTNELL 49 Explosive Games for the ZX81
Donated by Carlo Mullesch
HOLLAND Rechenschieber A.W.Castell
HOCKNEY Parallel Computers 2 (1988) Second edition
HUMBY Special English Computers
IFRAH UNIVERSALGESCHICHTE der ZAHLEN (1981) German translation of the original French edition "Histoire Universelle des Chiffres" (Edition Seghers, Paris, 1981)
JOHNSON The Evolution of British Sigint (1997)  
KAHLIG Mathematische Routinen der Physik, Chemie und Technik für AOS-Rechner, 
Teil 1
KLAR Digitale Rechenautomaten
Eine Einführung in die Struktur der Computerhardware
(4te neubearbeitete Auflage)
KOHL Geschichte der Jacquard-Maschine (1873, reprint))  
KORN Elektronische Analogie-Rechenmaschinen
LAING Digital Retro (2007)  
How Google thinks, works and shapes our lives
LIPPE Die Geschichte der Rechenautomaten
Band 1: Von der Himmelscheibe von Nebra bis zu den ersten Rechenmaschinen






Band 2: Von mechanischen Chiffriergeräten bis zu den ersten programmierbaren Rechnern






Band 3: Von der Entwicklung der Hardware bis zum WWW

MACRAE John von Neumann (1992)  One of the best biographies on this great scientific genius.
McCLAIN Navajo Weapon: The Navajo Code Talkers (2002)  
McKAY The Secret Life of Bletchley Park (2010) A book on the living and workings of people (cryptographers, Wrens...) working in total secrecy at Bletchley Park to decode German ciphers during WWII.
MASSEN Zur Problematik des fluidischen Rauschens und seiner Anwendung in der stochastischen Rechentechnik (1974) PhD dissertation of Robert MASSEN, Fakultät für Elektrotechnik der RWTH Aachen (Grad des Doktor-Ingenieurs)
MASSEN Stochastische Rechentechnik (1974) The first book written on this technique by our late contributor Robert Massen.
See at the PDF chapter the article of GAINES on the Origins of Stochastic Computing
MARGUIN Histoire des instruments et machines à calculer (1994)  
MARTIN Die Rechenmaschinen und ihre Entwicklungsgeschichte (1925, reprint)  
MOESL Elektronische Tischrechenautomaten (1970)  
MUNZ Philipp Matthäus Hahn (1990)  
MÜLLER Fachwörterbuch der Mikroprozessorsysteme (1984)  
MÜLLER T. Analogrechner auf deutschen U-Booten des Zweiten Weltkrieges
A Phd dissertation on mostly mechanical or electromechanical devices & computers used for torpedo firing. Contains many mathematical calculations used to solving the torpedo guidance problems.
OPPELT Anwendung von Rechenmaschinen bei der Berechnung von Regelvorgängen (1958) A book on analog computers and methods of analog computing.
Title page shows that this book belonged to Dr. Ing. Ernst B. Paschke, European Continental Manager of Electronic Associates Inc. (EAI), one of the major builder of analog computers.
POOLE 70 Programmes BASIC
pour IBM PC
RALSTON Mathematische Methoden für Digitalrechner I & II (1969) Mit Fortran und Algol Programmen
REESE Neue Blicke auf alte Maschinen (2002)  
RINCE Le Minitel
RISEN Rechenbüchlin (reprint)  
A very elementary introduction to BASIC.
Donated by Carlo Mullesch
SAUDAN Swiss Calculating Machines
H.W.Egli A.-G.
A success story
A truly exellent book about the EGLI company and it's outstanding machines (Millionär, Madas...). Many excellent pictures and very clear technical explanations.
ISBN 978-2-8399-2175-6
SCARPATI The Computer Age
SCHAEFFER Fünfstellige Logarithmen
8th edition of a book first published in 1955. Contains logarithms, values of trig. functions, squares, square-roots, cubes, cubic roots and financial tables.
SCHLOSSBORG Spiel und Spass mit dem Taschenrechner (1975)  
Technisch Orientiert

Einführung in die Programmierung mit Fortran 77
SCIENCE MUSEUM Calculating Machines and Instruments (1975)  
SIEWIOREK Computers and Strutures: Principles and Examples (1982) 926 pages.
SILICIUM Guide 2009  

The Man who invented the Computer (2010)
A biography of John Antanasoff who together with Clifford Berry built the first digital electronic computer in 1939-1942, used for solving systems of linear equations.
See website

John Antanasoff
SMITH Scientific Analysis on the Pocket Calculator (1975)  
STEPHENS Powerful Projects with your
Donated by Carlo Mullesch
ULMANN Analog Computing
An excellent recent book from a real specialist and collectioner of analog computers. Look also at Prof. Ulmann's website, and search YouTube for ULMANN for some videos on analog computing.
WAIZE Die Welt der Rechenmaschinen (1999)  
WELCHMAN The Hut Six Story (2011) Collaborator of Alan Turing, Cambridge mathematician Gordon Welchman was one of the directors of Bletchley Park and helped cracking the Enigma code. His book goes into some details explaining the working of the Enigma machine and the tricks used to decipher its coded messages.
WITTKE Die Rechenmaschine und ihre Rechentechnik (1943)  
WITTMAN Wörterbuch der Datenverarbeitung (1984)  
WURSTER Der Computer: eine illustrierte Geschichte  
ZUSE Der Computer - Mein Lebenswerk (1984, reprint 2010)  






BAUMANN The 25th Anniversary of the LEGO RCX from Computarium member Claude Baumann. A 34 page history and description of the Lego RCX Brick, with instructions how to use it with a modern computer or Raspberry Pi (July 2023)
BRUDERER Konrad ZUSE und die Schweiz
from ETH-E collection
original here
BROMLEY Analog Computing Devices (1990, chapter 5 from Computing before the Computers)
BROOKSHEAR COMPUTER SCIENCE, an overview (9th edition 2007, 616 pages)
link removed following copyright complain)
original here.
BULL BULL Magazine Numéro Spécial Luxembourg (1991) In French. Has a page on the PHYMOES underground research project and on Luxembourg schools using Bull equipment.
CARE From analogy-making to modelling: the history of analog computing as a modelling technology (2008) Very extensive PhD thesis from Charles Philip Care, 2008, University of Warwick. Original link.
History of Mechanical Computing Machinery (1980)  
CLYMER The Mechanical Analog Computers of Hannibal FORD and William NEWELL (1993) from IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, Vol.15, No.2, 1993 (from here)
Reports from 1980 on Tremendous treasury of vintage computers. Original available here.
CORE journal 1999 to 2009 The journal of the CHM.
Original available here
CURTA Exemples de calcul scanned booklet with calculating examples which was sold with the CURTA machine
DETLEFSEN Polnische Rechenmaschinenerfinder des 19 Jahrhunderts (1976)
D'OCAGNE Le calcul simplifié (1905)
EAI EAI Handbook of Analog Computation (1967) A 396 pages blockbuster from 1967 by Electronic Associates Inc.
EGGEBRECHT Die Produktion von Büromaschinen der Firma Diehl in Nürnberg
EKRUTT Das Bedienen von mechanischen Rechenmaschinen (2005) with instructions how to calculate the exponential and sinus functions
FALK Things That Count (ebook, 198 pages, 2014) ebook of Jim Falk's website
(Jim Falk, Things that Count: the rise and fall of calculators,, Melbourne, 2014)
Le calcul par les machines (2012) link to original on the Web. Musée d'Histoire des Sciences, Genève, Suisse.
GAINES Origins of Stochastic Computing (2019) A 37pages article by Brian R. Gaines, one of the pioneers of stochastic computing, as was our late contributor Robert MASSEN (see at chapter BOOKS)
GAINES Stochastic Computing Systems (1969)
A description of stochasting computing methods from one of the pioneers. Published by Plenum Press, 1969. These are methods belonging to the analog computer domain.
Mathematische Instrumente (1912)  
GRAHAM-CUNNING Alan Turing's Legacy (2012)
from NewScientist
Instant Expert #23
HAERTEL Die Klassifizierung mechanischer Rechenmaschinen (1996) A very extensive report of te different types and mechanisms of mechanical calculators. Link (first art only). Full version (part 1 to 8) not freely available.
HAVIL Curves for the Mathematically Curious (2019) Extraordinary book by Julian Havil on most famous curves, like the Euclid Spiral, Catenary, Elliptic and Bézier Curves etc. Free PDF version. Princeton University Press.
HOLLAND WANG LOCI Calculators - Electronic Calculating by Logarithms Article by Peter HOLLAND and Otta van POELJE on the method to calculate logarithms used in the Wang LOCI calculators.
Original here at
Modern Instruments and Methods of Calculation (1914)  
JUNG OPAMP Applications Handbook (2002) Large 970 pages book on operational amplifiers, the building blocks of electronic analog computers (from Analog Devices)
MALAPERT Arithmeticae Practicae Brevis Institutio (1619)

Arithmeticae Practicae Brevis Institutio (1679)
original from 1619 and reprint from 1679
The Belgian S.J. monk Charles Malapert(e) seems to have invented the calculating rods independently of J. Napier. Downloaded from Google Books (29 and 31 MB).
MARTIN Die Rechenmaschine und ihre Entwicklungsgeschichte (1925, english translation)
from the Ch. Babbage Institute, scan.
MASSEN Les pionniers de l'informatique à l'école (2005) A timeline of Luxembourg pionneers in computing in education.
In French. Published in 2005 in RECREE, publication of the APESS
Instruments de Mathématiques (1851)  
Numerisches Rechnen (1912)  
MONTAG The Atanasoff-Berry Computer
original link  see video of replica in operation and read a paper on the reconstruction. Iowa Uni JVA site here.
MUELLER Upgrading and Repairing PC's (1998)
10th anniversary edition, 1541 pages
NILL Wilhelm Schickard's Rechenmaschine (Studienarbeit, GRIS, Uni Tübingen) Sehr ausführliche Beschreibung der Funktionsweise. Java 3D Simulation.
RATHS Start up der Laptop Pioniere By Constant Raths, former vice-director of the Lycée Aline Mayrisch in Luxembourg. C. Raths initiated and realized the project "One laptop per student", where every student of the lycée received his own laptop (a Compaq Armada E500) in 2002.
This article is from the book "Lycée en question(s)" (link)
REEF Les Technologies de l'Information et la Communication
dans l'Enseignement Secondaire (2002)
Rapport sur les expériences faites dans 3 lycées, dont le Lycée Classique de Diekirch (LCD). Quelques mots sur l'historique de l'informatique dans les lycées du Luxembourg.
SCHWARZ Dunkle Seiten des Erfolgs (Thomas J. Watson) Luxemburger Wort 21-Mar-2024
Biography of the creator of IBM
SCHWARZ Von Modellflugzeugen zur Informatik (Nikolaus Wirth) Luxemburger Wort 22-Feb-2024
With a picture of a BBC model B of the Computarium executing Oxford PASCAL
SCHWARZ Der Urvater des Computers (Charles Babbage) (2017-Feb-16)
SCHWARZ Der Herr der Netze (Carl Adam Petri) On the German inventor of the  "Petri-Net". (2016-July-14)
SCHWARZ Die Demokratisierung des Computers (John G. Kemeny) On John G. Kemeny, one of the inventors of the programming language BASIC (2016-May-26)
SCHWARZ Der Wille zum Wissen (Ada Lovelace) On Augusta Ada Byron, Babbages assistant and the first female programmer. (2016-Mar-03)
SCHWARZ Die Schönheit der Logik (George Boole) 200 years since G. Boole, the inventar of the boolean algebra, was born. (2015-Dec-03)
SCHWARZ Sozial und innovativ (Heinz Nixdorf) On the great German computer builder H. Nixdorf. (2015-Nov-19)
SCHWARZ Er erfand den elektronischen Computer (John V. Atanasoff) On J.V. Atanasoff and his ABC computer. (2015-Sep-24)
SCHWARZ Computer sind immer logisch (George Stibitz) 20 years since this great mathematician passed away. (2015-Jul-02)
SCHWARZ Die Kunst der Kodierung (Richard Hamming) On R. Hamming's 100th birthday. (2015-Feb-12)
SCHWARZ Bletchley Park - streng geheim On the famous code-breaking (2015-Feb-05)
SCHWARZ Kein Geschenk für den Führer (Curt Herzstark) On C. Herzstark and his marvelous Curta calculator. (2013-Oct-24)
SCHWARZ Der Beginn des Computer-Zeitalters (Howard Aiken) On H. Aiken and his work at IBM. (2013-Mar-14)
SCHWARZ Berühmt und doch unbekannt (Alan Turing) Turing and cryptography from the Luxemburger Wort (2012-Jun-21)
SCHWARZ Eine geheime unbekannte Maschine Colossus and Bletchley Park from the Luxemburger Wort (2012-Jun-12)
SCHWARZ Compiler und Cobol (Grace Hopper) On Admiral G.M. Hopper from the Luxemburger Wort (2012-Jan-26)
SCHWARZ Wegwerfprodukt schreibt Geschichte 40 years since the invention of the Intel 4004 microprocessor (2011-Dec-08)
SCHWARZ Der Computer - sein Lebenswerk (Konrad Zuse) Konrad Zuse's 100th anniversary. (2010-Jun-17)
SCHWARZ Kennen Sie Shannon ? (Claude Shannon, Heinz Nixdorf Forum) Special exhition in the HNF (2009-Dec-10)
SCHWARZ Revolutionäre Bedeutung (Norbert Wiener) Cybernetics and Norbert Wiener. (2009-Jan-29)
SCHWARZ Information - ein merkwürdiger Stoff (Claude Shannon) On C. Shannon's information (2008-Oct-30)
SCHWARZ Ein Unbekannter, Unsterblicher (Alan Turing) On Alan Turing an his work at Bletchley Park. (2007-Jun-07)
SCHWARZ Innovate or die (John von Neumann) 50 years since this great mathematical genius passed away. (2007-Mar-08)
The Curious History of the First Pocket Calculator (the CURTA) Article by Cliff Stoll in Scientific American, Jan. 2004
STONE The Construction and Principal Uses of Mathematical Instruments, translated from the French of M. Bion, Chief Instrument-Maker for the French King (1758)
Original book digitized by the Internet Archive in 2012. Original link :
SVOBODA Computing Mechanisms and Linkages (1948) Original book from Antonin Svoboda on mechanical devices for computing (MIT Radiation Laboratory); 374 pages.Original link.
SUREK Planimeter und Integraph (2011)

Wissenschaftliche Hausarbeit, erste Staatsprüfung

Decimal Binary Conversion using Brunsviga (1957)  
WEISS, Stephan Ausführungen und Varianten der Schaltorgane in historischen Vierspezies-Maschinen (2008) Original link in
WILBUR, John B. The Mechanical Solution of  Simultaneous Equations (1934) A machine built at the MIT for solving a system of linear equations. Addendum on a rebuilt in 1944 by Tokyo Imperial University.
WILLIAMS & JOHNSON Why are Tabular Calculators almost forgotten?  
ZORZI Design Process Olivetti 1908-1983  


All these PDF's are Public Domain (Google & Microsoft digitized, Göttinger Digitalisierungszentrum....) or authorized for publication on the web-site.
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HNF Eine Zeitreise (1996, 15 minutes)
HNF Die Geschichte der Null (1985, 28 minutes)
HNF Weltgeschichte der Kryptologie (2006)
HNF Zahlen & Schriftzeichen (1996)
KNAUER Konrad ZUSE (1990, 72 minutes, German and English)
ZUSE Konrad Zuse Multimedia Show 




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