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ASSELBORN, Jean-Claude (+ 2011) Konrad ZUSE et l'invention de l'ordinateur

ZUSE et la racine carrée

(Zuse and the computing of the square root)
Powerpoint presentation for the Computarium, Diekirch, 26 Oct. 2010. In French.

Supplementary part showing the solution of the square root by Zuse.
L'art du secret: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (unfinished) 3 first parts of a 5 part lecture series prepared by  Jean-Claude Asselborn. These conferences could not be held due to his illness. 
Powerpoint. Mixed French and English.

(co-author Francis MASSEN)

Python Compiler for the HP-65 calculator (version 1.3 of 22 March 2024)

LilliPython EXECUTABLE and SOURCE code (version 1.34) with examples in .zip folder.

A 50th HP- 65 anniversary project!

This is a huge 54 pages report on the creation of an original Python compiler for the 50 years old HP-65, the first programmable hand-held scientific calculator of the world. Recursive routines using the Labview programming environment are created to produce a virtual instrument (VI) allowing to input simple Python programs to create the HP-65 specific routines. The report is divided into 2 parts:
Part I : Recursive expression evaluator
Part II: Recursive cross-compiler

The LilliPYTHON package contains the application LilliPYTHON1.34.exe, using the free Labview Run-Time package (not included, must download version 2021 SP1 32 bit which needs Win10).; the full Labview source code is in a separate folder.

Claude Baumann has created here a practically world-unique software package, using his extensive skills of Labview and recursive programming.
BAUMANN Claude Development of a Labview G-Code generation program for 2.5D CNC contour offset toolpaths (version 1.0  31 October 2023) A very complicated and long report, with original program code developed by C.Baumann to solve tool path problems when using a CNC (drill or laser) machine.
BAUMANN Claude Lab report on the PIC signal generator (version 1.0, 05 December 2022) A report on the construction of a very small battery-powered signal generator, to be used in a demo of the HP16500A logic analyzer.

(co-author Francis MASSEN)

Lab report of the TTY converter (version 1.1, 02 November 2022)) A very extensive, complete and long report on the design, creation and programming of the TTY/USB converter for communicating between a vintage ASR-32 TELEX and a PC. This is heavy PIC and Labview stuff!
BAUMANN, Claude Bringing back to life a COLINBUS Profiler CNC_Router (29 Mar 2021) A very extensive 62-pages report of the restoration of a Colinbus CNC profiler, an heritage of our late member Jean Mootz.

This is as a major research project by Computarium member Claude Baumann and also an original endeavor to combine modern stepper motor drivers, Arduino and self- developed electronic interface to revive a dead machine (which many would have thought being unsalvageable) which was sold in 2009 by the Elektor magazine as a kit.
The report contains a lot of physics and maths, as the author dwelled deep into into the problems of speed, acceleration, torque and other forces.

46 pictures or schemata.


(co-authors Chris ROGERS, Francis MASSEN)



Dynamic binaural sound localization based on variations of interaural time delays and system rotations

(JASA, 138 (2), Aug. 2015)

Claude Baumann, a Computarium crew member, has published an outstanding paper in JASA, the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. The co-authors are Chris Rogers (Tuft University, USA) and Francis Massen (Computarium).
The paper gives new insights on how to locate a sound source in space, using calculations performed on the interaural delay-time. The PDF is here

[Copyright 2015 Acoustical Society of America. This article may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the author and the Acoustical Society of America. The following article appeared in JASA, vol. 138 (2), August 2015 and may be found at DOI: 10.1121/1.4923448 ]

BAUMANN, Claude EUREKA! Problem Solving with LEGO Robotics (2013) 500 page book written by Claude Baumann and published by NTS (National Technology and Science Press) in 2013. ISBN 978-1934891-13-1.
Click for a view of the cover and back

BAUMANN, Claude Das Kalman Filter wird 50 (18 March 2010) Article in the Luxemburger Wort (18 March 2010); co-author Francis Massen. 
PDF. In German
MASSEN, Francis Repairing a Burroughs Class 5 calculator from 1925 (03-Nov-2023)
A short report on the restoration of a vintage key punched calculator from 1925.
MASSEN, Francis Le Computarium du LCD (2021) Article  (in French) published in the 2021 year-book (Millésime 2022) of the Lycée classique Dikrich, home of the Computarium. It is a short history of the Computarium.
MASSEN, Francis Handling Vintage Media  (11-Dec-2021) This is the updated version of the original paper from 2013. It contains now two chapters: how to handle ATARI diskettes, and how to use Motorola EXORset30 XDOS disks
MASSEN, Francis Analog Computers (.ppt)  (pdf version) (28-Apr-2017)


Conference at the LCD held the 28th April 2017. Link to the Powerpoint presentation covering mechanical and electronic analog computers and calculators. Click here for the flyer.

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