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Papers by Computarium Crew members.
ANTHES, Erhardt Mechanische Rechenmaschinen für wissenschaftliche Berechnungen Link to Look also at the the MMM, Mathematisches.Maschinenmuseum, an outstanding  website created by Prof. Anthes
ANTHES, Erhardt   Die Mercedes-Euklid 1910 - 1970 Link to MMM for a very exhaustive paper "Wandlungen einer Rechenmaschine"
ANTHES, Erhardt Die letzte Hamann Rechenmaschine: Modell 600 Link to MMM for a paper on the last machine built by Christel Haman, using the "switching latch" (in German: Schaltklinke) mechanism.
FACIT   Vom Modell T zur 1051 Article  from Harald Schmid (in German, html); many links
HISTORIC_CALCULATING Algorithms, procedures and more
LIPPE, Wolfram-M.   Die Geschichte der Rechenautomaten (65MB, pdf) From antique devices to Zuse's computer. Author: Prof. Lippe, Uni Münster
Here link to home page with chapters as separate pdf files.
SCHWARZ, André ZUSE...Der Computer, sein Lebenswerk Article by A. Schwarz, published in daily paper "Luxemburger Wort", 17 Jun 2010 (in German, pdf).
VINTAGE MEDIA A new chapter on the preservation of vintage data. Contains ongoing report on how to handle historic data media.
WALTHER  Präzision aus Tradition Brochure from Walther Werke (in German, html)
WEISS, Stephan  Beiträge zur Geschichte des mechanischen Rechnens A huge collection of original articles, reprints, manuals etc....(in German)
WEISS, Stephan  Ausführung und  Varianten der Schaltorgane in historischen Vierspezies Maschinen.  Link to paper in
WEISS, Stephan  Die Multipliziertafeln Link to paper in


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