The Computarium in the media back
05 Dec 2022 Diekirch TV (Sandie Lahure, communications manager and former TV presenter, Xavier Deschamps, camera man and video editor ) made a video in the Computarium, that was aired on the Diekirch_TV and and the .dok channels starting 16 Jan 2023. Click here for the first part (until 6:20) with the interview and shots at the Computarium.

The full ~30 minutes Diekirch TV sequence with other items related to the life at Diekirch can be watched here; the intermediate sequences with Mrs Lahure presenting the different subjects were shot at the Computarium the 16 January 2023.
04 Mar 2012 RTL TV made some shots and an interview with me for the scientific TV program PISA:

Links:  full PISA broadcast, subset on the evolution of microprocessors with interview (in Luxembourgish).

(Thx to member R. Heinz for the links; source

13 May 2011 RTL TV brought during the evening news a reportage for the 70th anniversary of the ZUSE Z3 computer (based on electromechanical relays). The 11th May,  a journalist and camera man from RTL TV visited the Computarium to take some video shots and make a short interview with F. Massen.
You can find the sequence here (Luxembourg language spoken!) (Thx to R. Heinz for the link; source
28 Mar 2008 QUANTUM,  a scientific broadcast by Claude Hallé on Radio 100,7 Luxembourg's public cultural radio station. (Luxembourg language spoken!)

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