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1. By name (116)

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A 1973 sliding rod calculator using the hexadecimal system: clearly the programmer's best friend! Dec 2014
ACORN Electron A 1983 microcomputer sold as a cheaper replacement for the BBC mod. B. Apr 2013
The ubiquitous educational computer from 1981. First computer in Luxembourg's class rooms. Jul 2013.
The BBC MASTER, successor of the mod. B/B+ in 1986. Jul 2013
APPLE IIc A very small, portable  follower of the APPLE IIe released in 1984. Aug 2013
ATARI 400 console
An expensive 8 bit console from 1979. May 2013
ATARI 2600  (woodgrain) A 1982 VCS (Video Computer Console) from Atari, one of the best sold of these times. Aug 2013
ATARI 2600 Junior A very low cost VCS console released in 1986: this is the last model of the 2600 family . Aug2013
ATARI 600XL A 1983 low end version of the 800XL with only 16 kB RAM. Aug 2013
ATARI 800XL A 1983 computer/console, successor to the 600XL with 64kB RAM . Jul 2013
The last one of the "X" series, sold only in 1985. Aug 2013
ATARI 520ST One of the early members of the 16bit ST family, released in 1985. Aug 2013
ATARI MEGA ST4 A powerful 32bit computer from 1987, very popular in Germany. Sep 2013
Repairing the external drive of a Mega 1, and the internal drive of a Mega 2. Jan 2023
ASR-33 115VAC restoration
Restoration of different ASR-33 teletypes May 2011
BELL PUNCH PLUS STERLING Some views of the restoration of a vintage 1959/60 half-keyboard calculator from Bell Punch Co. This is a "Sterling-Shilling-Penny-Farthing" model for financial summing.
Aug 2015
BERGMANN Universal Calculator
This is a very unusual calculator from 1926, sort of a huge multiplication table with an embedded sliding rod calculator. One slide shows how to make a division. Dec 2014
BIGTRAK from Milton-Bradley A vintage programmable toy truckbased on the 4 bot Texas Instrument TMS1000 microcontoller. DEC 2015
BRUNSVIGA AS8 restoration Pictures of the restoration and inside of a printing calculator from 1950. Based on a rather exquisite toothed-segment technology. FEB 2024
BURROUGHS P685 printing calculator restoration A very early portable type Burroughs add-lister is restored; serial is P685, an early 1953 model. JUN 2023
An MSX1 computer from 1984. Jul 2013
CANON Canola SX300 Heavy programmable desktop calculator from 1976, donated by J. Mootz.
Used by students of the LCD for their first steps into programming.
Sep 2014
The first synthesizer of the VL-Tone line built in 1980; also a calculator!
Famous for it's kitsch value and the "TRIO" song "Da,da,da".
Jul 2014
The polyphonic successor of the VL1. A rare item from 1982. Jul 2014
CELLATRON R31 One of the last 4 functions electromechanical calculators from the DDR. 1960. Jul 2014
CELLATRON R44SM The very last full automatical electromechanical calculator built until 1975 Jul 2014
COMMODORE C16 An 8 bit low-cost personal computer from 1984, successor of the VC 20 and the C64.
Aug 2013
COMMODORE C116 A small home computer from 1984, built and sold in Europe.
May 2013
A "high end" successor of the C16, released in 1984. Aug 2013
COMMODORE C128 The last 8 bit computer by Commodore, sold in 1985. Three modes: C128, C64 and CP/M ! Aug 2013
COMMODORE C64C A 1987 successor to the original C64; different case, different color.
May 2013
CONTINENTAL 9S A vintage printing calculator from the German Wanderer Werke, probably 1937. Donated by Claude Baumann. Oct 2017
A printing calculator from the 1930's, donated by Tom Schmitz and restorated by F. Massen. Unusual placement of the ribbon spools! Dec 2015
DEC V180 restoration Restoring a DEC ROBIN VT180 (1982) by adding a second drive and running CP/M 2.2 and MUSIMP/MUMATH Jun 2022
A popular 6809 based home computer from 1982, made in UK. Aug 2013
EDMUND Analog Computer A 3 potentiometer "computer" from 1961 to make analog multiplications. Was sold as a kit.
Jul 2015
EPSON HX-20 World first "real" laptop from 1982. Runs up to 50 hours!
Jul 2013
1984 vintage laptop, Z80 and CP/M (probably one of the last using this OS); donated by LTECG Feb 2013
A vintage primitive but beautiful electrotherapy device from Jean Mootz's legacy is restored. Jul 2017
EXELVISION_EXL100 A "made in France" computer based on Texas Instruments chips from 1984.
A 1955 military fax machine from the "Service des Transmissions" of the French Army (Armée Française) Jul 2013
FRIDEN EC-132 A 1964/65 successor of the Friden 130, the world's first electronic desktop calculator.
Sep 2014
GENAILLE-LUCAS RULERS The making of sets of Genaille rulers out of plastified paper. Jan 2016
HAMANN MANUS R repair A broken mechanical calculator of the 1950's is repaired
Aug 2014
HEATHKIT EUW 20A Vintage Heathkit strip recorder Jun 2012
HEATHKIT SB-620 SCANALYZER A vintage Heathkit analog spectrum analyzer manufactured from 1966 to 1976; bought probably as an assembled item by Jean Mootz. Restored by Francis Massen. Apr 2013
HEATHKIT EC-1 analog computer Repair and first tests with a vintage 1960 valve driven educational analog computer (Raoul Tholl and Francis Massen) Dec 2015
HUSKY HUNTER 16 Ruggedized hand-held computer from the UK running DOS 3.30. Used by the military and outdoor people. Nov 2017
IBM 5140 PC Convertible
Beautifully designed, IBM's first laptop was a commercial flop. Sep 2016
IBM 5155 in repair A Portable Personal Computer from 1985 who did not boot is opened for repair.
Mar 2014
KC 85/3 A vintage 8bit  "Klein Computer" from the former DDR (GDR). Uses a Z80 clone and has 16 kB Ram on board, with an additional 80 KB Ram in two expansion modules. Basic in Rom.
Dec 2014
KIENZLE threaded ROM A very short album showing the threaded ROM module of a vintage (unknown) Kienzle computer.
The wiring was made in Luxembourg by Mme Théa Schaus-Zwick.
Feb 2021
LINUTOP nano-computer The Linutop nano-computers were used by the "Infoscreens" (a digital signage project of the Lycée Céassique Diekirch, LCD) created by Marcel Kramer (software) and Francis Massen (hardware) in 2006/2007, starting in April 2007
Dec 2022
LINOTEXT MBK500 A vintage type setting machine from 1974. Donated by Goodyear Tire Company.
Sep 2013
LOGIC 5 A Mastermind type electronic game from 1977; by Milton Bradley (MB) Jan 2015
MATRA-HACHETTE ALICE A French clone of the Tandy MC-10, more sexy and built in France (1983). May 2013
MINITEL 1 with inbuilt videotex player A Minitel 1 from 1985 has been transformed to a Videotex player by adding a RaspebrryPi Zero and some modules inside the case. When poweting up, the slideshow starts.
Nov 2019
MBLE vintage 1964 tuner + amplifier An ensemble of FM tuner and mono amplifier sold by MBLE (Belgium) as a kit from 1963 to 1965, and built by Jean Mootz. Restored by Francis Massen to serve as a decorum for the Computarium.
Mar 2013
MONROE CSA10 An electromechanical fully automatic calculator from 1950. Assembled in Holland.
Jul 2014
MOVIT 913B line tracking robot
A simple non-programmable line tracking robot, which was sold as a kit, has been restorated. Album links to two videos. Jan 2016
A very rare four-function miniature mechanical calculator from Norway (1954-1960) Oct 2016
NORISAN violet wand Note quite a computer, but a restoration done for fun of a 1931 electrotherapy (quackery?) medical device donated by Jean Mootz Feb 2013
OLIVETTI DIVISUMMA 18 The most beautiful calculator ever! Designed by Mario Bellini in 1973. Aug 2014
OLIVETTI DIVISUMMA 28 The desktop version of the previous! Also designed by Mario Bellini in 1973. Aug 2014
OLIVETTI LOGOS 43PD A "Print and Display" calculator from 1975, designed by Mario Bellini. Sep 2014
OLIVETTI LOGOS 250 A beautiful electronic printing calculator from 1971, designed by Mario Bellini. Aug 2014
OLIVETTI LOGOS 59 Another beautiful printing calculator from 1973, also designed by Mario Bellini. Aug 2014
OLIVETTI M10 A small laptop made by Kyocerain 1983 together with several other near-clones. May 2013
OLIVETTI TETRACTYS 24CR An extremely complex 4 function mechanical printing calculator from Olivetti. Jul 2014
OLYMPIA RAE4/30-2 A beautiful 4 function electronic calculator from 1969 with a large 15 Nixie display. Sep 2014
OTT Polar-Planimeter A planimeter-integrator from the 50's to calculate the defined integral in a mechanical analogue way. Aug2013
ORIC 1 A popular UK made 8 bit computer introduced at the end of 1982 and very popular in France. Aug 2013
ORIGINAL ODHNER M602n A classical pin wheel machine from 1930, manufactured in Göteborg, Sweden.
Feb 2013
PDP-8/A back from restoration, running FOCAL-69
A PDP-8/A with core memory has been restored by Marco Rauhut and works like new! Feb 2020
PERRIER EUROKA Euro converter A very stylish currency converter from Alsco (HongKong) manufactured in ~2001, sold as a promotional gadget by the Perrier water table company.
Donated by C. Heirendt.
Oct 2016
PHILBRICK Ananlog Computer Module
A very rare "Character Recognition Module" from a 1950's analog computer by GAP/R. Contains the famous K2-W dual-valve OPamp Jan 2021
A very popular games console built around an Intel 8 bit microcontroller, from 1978. Aug 2013
PHILIPS VG8010 A first MSX computer from 1984.
Jul 2013
A MSX2 microcomputer form 1986. May 2013
PRODUX RECORD A cheap sliding rod calculator ("Zahlenschieber") from Germany, ~1955. View into the inside shows working. Aug 2014
COMPAQ 386 Portable III
A very short album made while repairing this sexy 1987 luggable computer. Nov 2021
RADIOSTAT Universal  violet wand Another vintage electrotherapy device which was found in a cabinet ot the physics lab. of the LCD. Restored by Francis Massen.
Feb 2013
RAILWAY Morse telegraph
Old railway Morse telegraph station from  Siemens & Halske Jan 2013
A very simple German adding machine from the 1960's Jul 2014
REPAIR MAC floppy drive ejection system A few pictures showing the repair of the often badly damaged floppy disk ejection system of vintage Macintosh computers. Apr 2021
SCHNEIDER CPC464 Nearly identical to the Amstrad CPC464, this popular 1984 computer sold well in Germany. Aug 2'013
An Amstrad/Schneider 128 kb Ram computer from 1995, the last of the standard CPC line. Sep 2013
SCHNEIDER VG5000 A 1984 computer made in France, also sold under the Philips and Radiola name. Aug 2013
SCRIBOLA Chain adder Jun 2012
Very short album of a 1972 desktop calculator with a VFC display. Aug 2015
SHARP Elsimate EL_330 Peeking inside this vintage single chip calculator from 1982. Aug 2017
SHARP MZ-721 8 bit microcomputer from 1983 of the MZ-700 line with inbuilt pen plotter and cassette recorder. Jul 2013
A restored INDY personal workstation from 1994 runs IRIX 6.2 Dec 2020
First personal microcomputer from Sinclair Research (1980). Z80, 1 kB Ram, 4 kB Rom Feb 2013
SINCLAIR Spectrum The beautiful 1982 successor to the ZX81
May 2013
SONY HITBIT HP-75F A MSX 1 home computer from 1984, in typical SONY style. Aug 2013
SONY MZ-1 MD Walkman The first minidisc player of the world. The TDK factory in Bascharage was one the the only 3 factories in the world making these small MO discs.
May 2020
SPECTRAVIDEO 328 MKII A US-built 8-bit home computer defining the MSX standard May 2013
TANDY TRS80 Color 2 The CoCo2 is a 1983 successor of the Tandy Color 1
Jul 2013
A 1983 small microcomputer from Tandy Radio Shack Apr 2013
TANDY TRS80 MOD100 A very popular small laptop from 1983. Runs for 20 hours on 4 AA batteries and has 4 inbuilt applications. Aug 2013
TEXAS Instruments TI-30 after repair
Short album showing the inside of a vintage TI-30 from 1976. Runs on a 9V battery. Album has link to video. Mar 2023
The first laptop built by TI in 1983. Runs on 4 AA batteries. Jul 2013
The first 16 bit domestic microcomputer, built in 1981. Jul 2013
TIM Modell II A beautiful German stepped drum calculator from 1907, built by Ludwig Spitz Jul 2014
The first "national" French microcomputer for the secondary schools ( Plan Informatique pour Tous) Jun 2013
THOMSON TO7-70 A successor to the MO5, 1984.
Jun 2013
The last member of the TO series: 1986. Jun 2013
THOMSON TO9 A more professional designed member of the TO family. 1985. Jun 2013
A compact 6809E based uP from 1986. Jun 2013
A vintage device to write tamper-proof checks. Probably pre 1940. Oct 2016
TOSHIBA T2400CT A more recent laptop (1994) of the Satellite Pro family, running DOS 6.22 and Win 3.11 Jul 2014
TRIUMPHATOR CRN2 The last Triumphator model built int he DDR, 1963 Jul 2014
UNIVERSUM Color-Multi-Spiel 4106 A PONG clone from 1977, sold by the German mail order company QUELLE International. Jul 2013
VALIANT Turtle A very small album on the repair of a mechanical turtle from 1982. Driven by a IR remote control from a BBC microcomputer. This was a very popular device in UK schools. Jan 2014
VICTOR 7072 An Art Déco printing adder from 1950 by Victor Calculator Machine Co. Jul 2014
VTech LASER VZ200 Built in Hongkong, a Tandy TRS80 type cheap 8 bit computer.
May 2013
VTech LASER 310
Built in Hongkong, a Tandy TRS80 type cheap 8 bit computer. Jul 2013


2. Other miscellaneous albums (26, newest first)

LCD Science Deeg 2023
Album of the traditional organization held the 10th May 2023 (Abacus and Brunsviga workshops)
May 2023
A House of Arts and Music 2023
Big and impressive organisation of the LCD to which the Computarium participated! Apr 2023
A repair of a vintage 1913 Tim Unitas II calculator; many people involved! Jan 2023
LCD Science Deeg 2019 Album of the traditional organization held the 15th May 2019
May 2019
Visit of the "TOP SECRET" exhibition
... at the Mundaneum, Mons, Belgium.
Colette Heirendt and Francis Massen visited this exhibition showing many real machines. The exhibition was made with the help of the UCL (Université de Louvain), and especially Prof. Jean-Jacques Quisquater, an expert on cryptography and holder of some 16 patents.
Apr 2018
Visit of the Bonami Computer Museum in Zwolle (NL) Album 1: The Pong collection
Album 2: Miscellaneous (calculators, mini-computers, analogue computers and more)
Album 3: Personal Computers
Album 4: Games
Jan 2018
Computarium Visit Blind People
A group of blind people, many working as computer professionals, visited the Computarium (28 Oct 2017). Pictures by Nicole Erdel-Kehl Oct 2017
Computer History Museum
Album of a visit in August 30, 2017, of the CHM in Mountainview, California. Aug 2017
LCD Science Deeg 2017
Album of the traditional organization held the 10th May 2017 May 2017
VISIT of the NAM-IP computer museum 
Visit the 2-Feb-2017 of the outstanding NAM-IP computer museum in Namur (Belgium), which opened the 27th October 2016. Feb 2017
IAM weekend at the LCD
Weekend "Invitation aux Musées" 21&22 May 2016 in the LCD Diekirch. May 2016
ERASMUS+ workshops 22 April 2016
Students from an Erasmus+ project follow two workshops on Napier Bones, Genaille-Lucas rulers and Brunsviga calculators in the Computarium Apr 2016
Visit Kijimadaira Junior High School Our Japanese "sister" High School visited the LCD and the Computarium. Geneviève Harles manages these exchanges than now go on for more than 10 years! Photos by Frank Schreiner.
Oct 2015
VCFB Berlin October 2015 The Vintage Computing Festival Berlin was held at the Humboldt University the from the 3rd to 4th October 2015. A highlight was the exposition and presentations on analog computers. Colette Heirendt and Francis Massen participated during the 2 days.
Oct 2015
Branebuurger Maart 2015
The Computarium participated for the 3rd time to this full day organization (19July 2015) July 2015
LCD Science Déeg 2015
The annual Science Day for 11-12 year children from primary schools held on the 6th May 2015. Computarium workshops were about Brunsviga's and Abaci May 2015
IAM weekend at the LCD
"Invitation Aux Musées" weekend held the 16/17 May. Pictures by Gilles and Francis Massen, and Paul-Nicolas Baumann. May 2015
LONDON Science Museum Photos of the Computer/Calculators section made by C. Bauman during a visit in April 2015 May 2015
LCD Science Deeg 2015 training session A training session held the 30th March 2015 for the students who will manage the Abacus and Brunsviga workshops for the upcoming Science Deeg (6th May 2015).
Mar 2015
BRADBURY Science Museum Visit to the Bradbury Museum in Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA. Album shows pictures of vintage calculators used during and after the Manhattan Project.
May 2014
LCD Science Deeg 2014 Album of the 2 Computarium workshops (Logo and Abacus) held during the LCD Science Day 28th April 2014.
Apr 2014
New acquisitions
A provisional album of some nice machines acquired by C.H. and F.M., to be lend out to the Computarium.
Mar 2014
LCDinfo_1982 An album of the first computing room of the LCD, located in the attic (probably 1982). Three systems were available: a DEC PDP-11 mini-computer, a SWTPc microcomputer system and about a dozen BBC mod.B microcomputers. Pictures from scanned slides, by F. Massen and M. Schauls. Update 26 Aug 2015 with pictures from Marcel Schauls.
Jan 2014
Aug 2015
A visit  to the "Home of the Codebreakers" in June 2013 Jun 2013
TNMOC A visit  to the "The National Museum of Computing" in June 2013 Jun 2013
GOUPIL Golf SX repair "Repair" of the DALLAS RTC whose battery was exhausted.
Oct 2011
Album Linster by Martin Linster. Pictures taken for a special edition on scientific research by the weekly periodical "Letzebuerger Land" (text Peter Feist)
Oct 2008



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