Vintage Computers and Calculators

ABAKUS Online-Museum
ACONIT a French site with links to the University of Grenoble, working on a Museum of Computing; many restoration projects.
ACHT-Bit HOMECOMPUTER-MUSEUM  contains many precise repair instructions!
ACORN: ARX, Arthur and RISC OS (history of BBC, Master and Risc uP)
ADDIATOR, ein Besuch bei...  Brochure showing the making of the Addiator
ALICE32  emulators and programs for TANDY TRS80-MC10 and French ALICE clones
Alles zum Thema alte Rechenmaschinen, Computer und Taschenrechner sammeln für Sammler
ANALOG COMPUTERS, Ferretronix (mostly images)
ANALOG COMPUTER MUSEUM  a splendid website with many analog computers and a great literature section (Prof. Dr. Bernd Ulmann)
Antique (lonesome) Computers (see also the list of Documents, Videos...)
Antique Mechanical Four-species Calculators
Appareils de mesure
APPLE History
ARISTO Taschenrechner
ATARI technical documents (from atariforge)

Micro and Electron Games Archive - WWW.STAIRWAYTOHELL.COM

BBC Emulator for Windows model-b, a
BBC software and Roms archive
BBC huge software and Roms archive (mdfsnet)
BBC regregex (software and many links)
Beitraege Geschichte mechanisches Rechnen. Excellent website of Stephan Weiss; many manuals, presentations and (flash) simulations.
Bitsavers (huge link of docs, PDF's and Software, Uni Stuttgart)
Bölters Rechenmaschinen und Reparaturwerkstatt
BONAMI Computermuseum (the Netherlands largest computer museum located in Zwolle)
Brains to Bytes: The Evolution of Information Storage

Brunsviga Exhibition 2008 (Landesmuseum Braunschweig)
Büromaschinen Lexikon
BYTE Magazine, the full archive! 
Calculators - Xnumber World of Calculators - James Redin
Calculator Collection
Calculator History Timeline
Calculators' Pages
CASIO Ledudu  Gallery of Casio and other electronic calculators
Charles Babbage - Analytical Engine
Charles Babbage Institute
University of Minnesota), huge depository of vintage documents
Collection de Calculatrices Mécaniques et Electroméchaniques (meccano-jean-pierre)
Chronik der Elektrotechnik: Rechenmaschine bis Mikrocomputer (VDE)
Commodore Amiga 500
Commodore repair links and articles
Comptometer - Comptometers - Biography of a Machine
Computarium LCD
Computer Asylum
Computer Cabinett Göttingen
Computers http_timeline
Computer History Museum - Exhibits - Microprocessors
Computer History Exhibits STANFORD
Computer Museum Horgenzell (many albums with pictures)
Computer Museum der Fachhochschule KIEL
Computer Museum Fakultät Informatik Uni Stuttgart
Computermuseum München (good text on archiving, Olivetti )
COMPUTISSIMO A great Swiss collection! (multilingual) - Zählen und Rechnen
Contents Listing
Cost of CPU Performance over Time 1944 - 2002
Collectors map, interactive, world-wide
CURTA-Simulator & Bedienungsanleitung
CURTA disassembling

DATORMUSEUM an impressive Swedish website with a very large collection of DEC machines
DELL ftp1 site (many utilities; cdnab.exe to create Win98SE boot disk)
Dentaku Museum
Der Abakus - Geschichte und Funktionsweise
DeRAMP - Excellent web site of Mike Douglas with many vintage microcompters, information and software
Diverse / Misc Emulator / Tools Liste :: AEP Emulation Page - Emulation News :: Online seit dem 1. April 1998
DOCUBYTE - Guide to Computing . Some wonderful pictures of vintage (restored) computers.
Early Office Museum
Electromechanical calculating machines of the 1960's
Electronic Circuits (English), newer German version.  A very complete collection of electronic circuits (many used in computers) by Claude Jacobs
ENTER Swiss Museum of Computers and Home Entertainment Electronics (list of computer stuff from #20000 on, 20000 - 20765, see online-sammlung)
EsoCoP The European Society fro Computer Preservation (Chiasso, Switzerland)
Eric's Slide Rule Manuals Page
Erik S. Klein's Vintage Computer Collection - Home of historical computers such as Altair, Apple, Commodore and IBM
FACIT calculators serials (James Redin)
Fondazione Galileo Galilei
FSCK Technology - huge collection of vintage software
Freeman PC Museum - Home of the History of the Personal Computer
Friden Web Site
From the Abacus to the Computer
Gaby's Home page CP/M treasure, DOS, VersaDOS
Calcul Graphique - 622 ouvrages. Book titles from 1790 to 1990.
Gallery RetroCenter
Geschichte der Rechenhilfsmittel (Von Jan Meyer)
Glenn's Computer Museum (analog computers, System/32, military computers)
Goldman's Collection
Google-Ergebnis für
Gordon BELL's website with many, many historic documents. Timelines here!
Guide to computing pioneers in history (It Hare) (contains nice time-line)
GWDG-Rechnermuseum der Gesellschaft  f. wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung mbH Göttingen
Hamann online museum. Many instructions for vintage calculators
Heathkit Virtual Museum A museum of the world best known electronic kits seller.
History of mechanical calculators
History of the Internet (a Computer Nerd's...)  a tribute by Steve Leibson to this exceptional 16bit microcomputer, which was 5 years in advance on the IBM PC another excellent site (you should read the "History" section! These two HP98x5 sites are among the best I have read,
            both give treasures of information on the history and on the spirit of HP and its engineers.
HP Calculator Page (
HP Series 80 Site
HP BASIC Paper Tapes
HP35 internals. Jacques Laporte's website, hardware and software of the HP35

IPSJ Computer Museum, a virtual computer museum from Japan.
ISER - Informatik Sammlung Erlangen

IT-Material (Materialsammlung für den Informationstechnischen Unterricht)

Jean-Marie, les collections de... (large list of mechanical calculators, some how-to's)
JMG Office Machines
John Elliott's home page (CP/M, DOSPLUS, XIOS etc.)
John Napier
John Wolff's Web Museum - Calculating Machines
Jupiter ACE Emulators

Kainka website on electronic and PC projects (excellent for technical details, like RS232)
Konrad Zuse Internet Archiv

Le Grenier Informatique French site with many manuals, system software, copy-to-do's etc.
Links zu Computermuseen, Usergruppen und anderen interessanten Seiten
Links zum Thema Computermuseen, Usergruppen und mehr
Living Computers Museum and Labs
Main Menu | Old Computer Computers Consoles Games and much much more
Manuals (user manuals) PDF's of many user manuals of mechanical calculators
Mark's Ohio Scientific/Compukit UK101 Archive
Mathematical Instruments  a private (huge!) collection of integrators, slide-rules and other simpler calculators
Mathematical instruments another beautiful Swiss website with mny integrators

Mathematisches Maschinen-Museum
MechaniCalculator   many manuals as PDF
Mechanical Calculating Machines
Mechanical Calculator Museums Beiträge zur Geschichte des mechanischen Rechnens (web site of Stephan Weiss, huge collection of papers)
MOSTEK calculator integrated circuits large list of calculator CPU's
Museum of Typewriters and Calculators at the Finnish Business College - Calculator Collection
Information and images about historical typewriters and calculators at the Finnish Business College Typewriter Museum Collection
Mind Machine Museum
Museum of Pocket Calculating Devices
Museum of Soviet Calculators - VK-1
museen-sh: Computerschausammlung der Fachhochschule Kiel (Kiel), Information
Museillo del Cálculo y de la Informática. TECLAS.ORG
Museo Tecnologicamente Ivrea

Nachrichtentechnische Sammlung. Institut f. Nachrichtentechnik, RWTH Aachen
Napier's Bones: Father of Logarithm
NEWCASTLE University virtual museum (Roger Broughton): good description of technical details.
Neil Fraser: Software: HP-35 RPN Calculator

Office Collectibles
Old Computer Stuff

Original Documents on the History of Calculators
Obsolete Computer Museum
Old Calculating Machines
Old Calculators Web Museum Advertising/Documentation & Collateral Materials Page
Calculator Advertising, Collateral Materials, and Documentation
Olivetti The 101 Initiative
Olivetti Programma 101
Olivetti Programma 101 (Old Calculators Web Museum)
Olivetti calculators
Olivetti Graphic Design
Olivetti studio di un'impresa (in Italian)
OLIVREA  German site of an Olivetti computer collector
On-Line Documents
Open Directory - Computers: History
ORIGINAL Documents on the History of Calculators (many manuals)
OSI Mark's OSI/Compukit Archive
PCjs browser emulators  A huge collection of on-line emulators written in Javascript running in the browser (many DEC PDP11 stuff)
PC Museum - Downloads
Planet Sinclair: Computers: ZX81: Resources
Planimeter (Ausstellung Uni Würzburg)
Powerhouse Discovery Centre (Australia)
Prehistoria della Informatica

Rechenmaschinen - Detlevs Sammlung
Rechenmaschinen - Jens Apperdainer Sammlung
Rechenmaschinensammlung Michael Landwehr
Rechenmaschine auf
Rechenwerkzeug German website with many manuals
Rechnen ohne Strom
Rechenhilfsmittel Sammlung Wolf-G. Blümich
Rechenschieber Online-Museum many user guides of vintage machines in the "download" section
Rechentechnik in der DDR 
Recreation Collecting Computers Calculators Infopool-24
Retroarchive  archive of original software  many scanned documents!
Retrocosm Blog: excellent projects and pictures!
RetroRoby a small retro-game website from Roby Ronck, a Luxembourg game collector
Robotrontechnik  a web site dedicated to the DDR calculators and computers (in German)
S Alles zum Thema alte Rechenmaschinen, Computer und Taschenrechner
Schneemann: My collection
SCSS Treasures Catalog a large catalog of the Trinity College Dublin; many pictures and PDF's
Silicium a French  Computers and Videogames Museum
Simulationsraum a very interesting German blog on "media-archeology" by Stefan Höltgen
Sliderule Museum, International
SMECC Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation
SWTPC 6800 Computer

SWTPC 6800/6809 Emulator (Evenson Consulting Services)
tan-gram: home
Technikum29 Impressive German museum with many working big machinery.
Tecnologic@mente Museum & Workshop, Ivrea (Italy). Many scenes of this video were shot in the museum.
Telegraph Instruments of Europe
The Analog Art (Joost Rekveld's very interesting site on analog computers)
The Collection of Calculating Devices (English/German)
        contains a collection of mathematical tools like planimeters
The Computer History Simulation Project
The History of Homecomputers: Computer Index
The Machine Room :: Full Index of Computers
The Museum of HP Calculators
TNOC, The National Museum of Computers (Bletchley Park, Colossus replica!)
The Old Calculators Web Museum
The Old Computer Dot Com
The SWTPC Computer Documentation Repository
archive of technical documents and ads for Southwest Technical Products Corporation's computers
The Typewriter Database (serial numbers, dates, production quantities)
Things that Count. Many outstanding photos of the collection.
Timekeeper for vintage electronic calculators
Timeline- Computers changed history (very concise timeline from 1937 to 2015)
Timeline of the History of Computers (complete, very well done)
Timeline of computer storage
Tony's Taschenrechner-Sammlung
Totalisator history (gigantic machines used at race stadiums like Longchamps)
Toshiba Product catalogue 
Toshiba-vintage offers information, utilities, tools, history, downloads
Trailing Edge Wanted Systems - HP 2100A/2114/2115/2116 - HP 2000
TRS-COLOR and DRAGON Computer Archive
Universität ERLANGEN Informatik-Sammlung

Universität GREIFSWALD Alte Rechner
Universität Leibniz Hannover Geodätisches Institut (R.HEER Rechentechnik: Sammlung)
Universität  STUTTGART Computer Museum der Fakultät Informatik
Universiteit van AMSTERDAM Computer Museum
Vetusware  huge archive of abandonware and other vintage software
VIDEOPAC (Odyssey) Games Instructions
Vierspezies Maschinen
Vintage Calculators Web Museum
Vintage Electronic Calculator Manuals
Vintage Laptops virtual museum
Walther - Die Firma
Wang 2200 Emulator
William Schickardt Museum of Computing History (Concordia Univ. of Wisconsin)
Yet another Computer Museum. Large collection of docs and PDF's

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