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SOKOBAN, original Spectrum Holobyte version, 1987.
Computarium workshop
LCD Science Déeg
09 May 2018


1. For 64bit and 32bit Windows version: Self extraction DOSBOXPortable.exe file with SOKOBAN_Holobyte included.
Click and extract to C:\ drive. Run C:\DOSBOXPortable\DOSBOXPortable.exe which will launch SOKOBAN in full screen mode.
CTRL-F9 always quits and aborts DOSBOX

2. Only for 32bit Windows versions: Self extracting file with the original Spectrum Holobyte Sokoban version (1987) and a Readme file. This file also has a link to the history of Sokoban.
SOKOBAN needs no installation: extract to any folder and execute SKB.EXE.

This original version is famous for running on ***all*** 32 bit Windows versions!

3. Click here to download the instruction leaflet for workshop leaders.

LOGO Workshop
Computarium Logo workshop
LCD Science Déeg
28 April 2014
Self extracting file with BeebEm emulator for Windows (any version)
Execute (click on file name) and install anywhere.
The emulator is the file beebem.exe. Click on file name to run.
If the screen is too small, adjust windows to 800x600  (View -> Window Size)
When in  Beebem (BBC Computer):
Type *LOGO to load the Logotron Logo (* is shifted key right to è)
To  go back to the the BASIC page, type *BASIC (* is shifted key right to è)

Read the PDF files ! Read the PDF files ! Read the PDF files !






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