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22 Apr 16 Students from an Erasmus+ project follow two workshops on Napier/Genaille-Lucas rulers and Brunsviga calculators in the Computarium. See album.  
20 Apr 16 I found by chance this digital "sliderule" from Lucas-Nülle, a German company which makes educational material, mostly for scientific and technical education. The disc fell out of a journal, probably donated by Jean-Pierre Unsen.

The back side shows the digital states of various flip-flop types.

I did not find a date of manufacture for this nice disc. Any help will be appreciated!

Our regular contributor Pol Hoelzmer donated quite a lot of interesting material, among them a Compaq Armada running WIN96 ! (did you know that this version exists?). See the contributors page for more details. Many thanks!  
30 Jan 16 Yet another restoration: this time a very simple line-tracking robot has been restored. See the WORKS section for more.  
Our member Ronny Heinz participated to the Kickstart project of Bitmap Books to publish a book on the games of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum . This very colorful book is a great pleasure to look at. Ronny donated the book to our library: many thanks!
This is the book #3 of Bitmap Books. Look here for all the books from this company.