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22 Aug
1. Busy time making pictures of machines, updating the virtual museum and doing repairs.
2. I added to the LIBRARY (PDF section) two files from the Microsoft public archive of the The Computer Museum. These are poor gold: a treasure of original articles and photos of vintahe material and computerpioneers. Look here and here (large files!).
17 Jul 16 We participated to the "Branebuurger Maart". More on  "Exhibitions" page.  
20 May 16 Pol Hoelzmer, one of our most prolific contributors, donated quite a lot of interesting stuff: a HP Jornada720 (working), a few computers and many calculators (also all working) with an HP21 among them. As the rechargeable NiCad battery was dead, I carefully slit open the case and replaced the 2 NiCd AA batteries by alcalines: yes this works and does not harm the calculator.! Many thanks!  
28 May 16 André Schwarz is a most prolific writer on computers and the biographies of computer pioneers. He gave the Computarium the full text of all his contributions in the cultural section "Die Warte" of Luxemburg's main news paper "Luxemburger Wort" (which gave us the permission to publish these articles). You will find all the articles in the "Library of the Computarium", PDF section (click here). Many thanks to André and the Luxembourger Wort.  
22 May 16 On this second day Claude Boes, Claude du Fays, Colette Heirendt, Francis Massen and Anouk Neven were present. The attendance was about the double as yesterday, and all visitors showed great interest. Nevertheless we all find that well-needed publicity was nearly absent, as well as the distribution of brochures which went well in Luxembourg-City, but seemed to have forgotten Diekirch; also the City of Diekirch which proudsly sells itself as the "Ville des Musées" did not make any visible publicity on the electronic public boards or on its Web site.
21 May 16 The first day of the nation-wide "Invitation aux Musées" day is finished; the number of visitors was clearly enumerable ("dénombrable" in French). We installed everything on Friday afternoon, and Saturday Colette Heirendt, Florence Massen, Ronny Heinz and Francis Massen staffed the show.
Workshops covered Napier bones, Genaille-Lucas rulers, abacus, Logo on vintage BBC Masters. For fun there were some vintage games running on emulators and several original Pong's.
M. Pierre David, a former programmer at EAI (Brussels headquarter) donated a nice EAI slide-rule, some memorabilia and several flow-chart rulers from well-known companies (Bull, Burroughs...). Many thanks!
11 May 16 The LCD Science Déeg had an attendance of about 200 pupils from neighboring primary schools. See album.
04 May 16 Training session with 10 students of the II B mathematical session for the upcoming LCD Sciences Déeg. Colette Heirendt showed how to use Napier Bones and Genaille-Lucas rulers, Francis Massen how to program in LOGO (Turtlegraphics) on vintage BBC Master computers.  
22 Apr 16 Students from an Erasmus+ project follow two workshops on Napier/Genaille-Lucas rulers and Brunsviga calculators in the Computarium. See album.  
20 Apr 16 I found by chance this digital "sliderule" from Lucas-Nülle, a German company which makes educational material, mostly for scientific and technical education. The disc fell out of a journal, probably donated by Jean-Pierre Unsen.

The back side shows the digital states of various flip-flop types.

I did not find a date of manufacture for this nice disc. Any help will be appreciated!

Our regular contributor Pol Hoelzmer donated quite a lot of interesting material, among them a Compaq Armada running WIN96 ! (did you know that this version exists?). See the contributors page for more details. Many thanks!  
30 Jan 16 Yet another restoration: this time a very simple line-tracking robot has been restored. See the WORKS section for more.  
Our member Ronny Heinz participated to the Kickstart project of Bitmap Books to publish a book on the games of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum . This very colorful book is a great pleasure to look at. Ronny donated the book to our library: many thanks!
This is the book #3 of Bitmap Books. Look here for all the books from this company.